In case I get murdered

These past days an attack happened in Egypt where two Vietnamese tourists and their tour guide were killed. Some days later the Egyptian police force raided "terror nests" in the region and supposedly killed 40 suspected terrorists.

I won't judge any of these actions. I just would like to state what I would want from you in case I get killed by a "bad" person.

Conquering low self esteem

This past weekend I've had a very inspiring moment unfolding.

When I was in my teens I've learned to play Tennis from an instructor and I also played at tournaments later on. But after some years I couldn't hit the forehand without the ball flying all over the place.

A split second before hitting the ball my wrist gets weak and starts to wiggle to this day. So I quit playing when I was I think 17 years old. From then on I only played alone against a wall because I didn't want to upset anyone.

Like a tree

My opinion doesn't have any more value than anybody else's.

This realization lead me to delete every online account I had that enabled me to comment on something.

When I saw people stating plainly false statements or stupid things which are stupid based on scientific facts I loved to tell them.

Introduction into computer security for the layman

You are running an operating system on the device you are currently reading this post with. It might be called iOS, Android or Windows.

These OS'es comprise of millions or even billions of lines of code. No one can have an idea about what code is executed because no one except the vendor can look at it. That is called closed source or propriatary software.

Digital self defense

Today is the day the new EU data protection law came into action.

You might have recognized that you've received numerous emails regarding updates to terms of services.

Today is the best day to begin to close all your accounts because these companies are now forced by law to delete all data they have about you.

Define Freedom

In my childhood I tried many different hobbies. Badminton, horse riding, football and tennis. But nothing could catch my interest for a long time. You know like a child who plays football and becomes a football player. I wasn’t like that.