You have something to hide

The more information I have about you the more susceptible you become to my manipulation attempt (propaganda).

Let’s take a person who has a Facebook account. This person likes Tesla and an author who mostly creates books for children.

From these bits of information I can derive that you are interested in the environment and it is your concern that the world we live in will be a healthy and safe place for your children.

I as a political party know that you most likely are going to vote for a party that specifically stands for these values other than the party I represent.

My main goal is to get you to vote for me. But even to have you not vote at all would already be a win for my party.

I now hire a company that is specialized in advertising. This company will then create ads specifically for people with the same interests as you which highlight the ecological points of my agenda. They will also create ads highlighting the points you will perceive as negative in the agenda of the oppositional party.

Then this advertising company hires another company to disguise any connection to itself and to my political party. This second company then creates fake news and nasty stuff about the party you would most likely vote for. At this stage the sole mission is to not get you to vote for that party. Even though it is fake news it is produced in such a quality that you are lead to believe it unquestioned. You have to imagine that this company works all day long to create a believable message you are most likely to swallow. This is done by taking messages or interviews out of context so that they fit my agenda.

„…I want to die…“

„Ice cream is what I want to die for.“

This has nothing to do with how intelligent you are because at this point it is about creating emotions. Emotions override any reason inside your brain.

This exact story happened during the US elections and other elections around the globe.

So even if you don’t use facebook or don’t post anything about yourself or use a fake name you’ll fall into a category. Namely into the category of people who are concerned about their privacy and therefore you’d get ads highlighting my parties data protection agenda.

We will get you and you won’t be able to notice.

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