Define Freedom

In my childhood I tried many different hobbies. Badminton, horse riding, football and tennis. But nothing could catch my interest for a long time. You know like a child who plays football and becomes a football player. I wasn’t like that.

My interests were constantly changing.

Yesterday I recognized that this still is the case.

I’m constantly switching between stuff that grabs my attention.

I don’t force myself to learn about a topic, I just go with the flow as long as I’m interested and then switch again.

For some hours it is hardcore computer security and privacy, then like yesterday I watched some interviews about Michael Jackson, then philosophy about our origins, then play some video games, then sit in the garden and play with and cuddle the two cats and the dog and then write about all this stuff.

This is what I would call freedom. To let myself go about the day not being forced by anything or anyone but my inner drive. Not being forced to think what someone would like me to think but to draw my own conclusions by reasons I discovered myself.

What is your definition of freedom?

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