In case I get murdered

These past days an attack happened in Egypt where two Vietnamese tourists and their tour guide were killed. Some days later the Egyptian police force raided "terror nests" in the region and supposedly killed 40 suspected terrorists.

I won't judge any of these actions. I just would like to state what I would want from you in case I get killed by a "bad" person.

Don't kill anybody for whatever reason. Don't seed more hate than that which has already been seeded. You would do that for yourself or any other reason other than in my own interest. Search for an understanding solution to your inner conflict - Because I don't care anymore.

What I want from you is to realise that I would have died anyway but by my own hand when I would have felt that my time has come. Something higher than myself did decide otherwise so I accept that decision by giving my life at that point in time. Nothing can be taken from you when you give it first.

Further I want from you to get to know the attacker, his or her life and to find the true reason why he or she did it. If possible speak in person with my murderer and don't judge as hard as it might seem. I have compassion for him or her as I have for you.

If it happened out of something you think you can't or wouldn't want to understand I want you to understand. It is possible and harmless to yourself. Don't stop at fate because fate is for those to fearful in the search for an answer. Don't stop at bad childhood, indoctrination by a third party or medical condition. Ignore the media because they give reasons the masses understand but you are no mass.

You are an individual and you have to find your individual answer no one else will be able to understand.

The answer will make you cry in compassion for my murderer, will extinguish all your craving for vengeance and will give you peace.

At that point I will be in everything you do.

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