How to defeat depression

Knowledge beats everything. So when you read this post and internalize the information, you will automatically defeat depression as a result in the process.

How I became

A friend of mine told me that she would like to hear about my past; to understand what circumstances had to come together to form someone like me.

How to reduce stress into non existence

We humans put layer upon layer of descriptions onto things until they are so obstructed that we can no longer see the essence of it.

This happened again with the development of the word stress - a new layer was created on top of the word fear.

The subconscious mind

You know your conscious mind. It is the voice inside your head. The thoughts that are going on. An idea that suddenly reaches your attention. A picture, a wish, a dream, a judgment or a fear.

Who am I

I'm someone who has experienced two very distinct perspectives on life.

The first was driven by all kinds of fears and insecurities which lasted for about 20 years under which I finally broke, just to discover that all these fears were created by my own mind.

One week of setup

I want the people who visit my blog to feel like they arrived at a comfortable and safe place the same way as when they visit my home. To transport this feeling to the digital world I had to create the base of my website as private and secure as possible.